How Poker Got Its Bad Name

Poker surely has a shady reputation but is not what it looks like. People assume that the people who play poker online are shady and play it on shady situs poker online. However, that is not the case. But there might be a reason for such a bad rep. Therefore, let us find out the reason behind the bad image.

Reasons for poker having a bad image:

  1. The involvement of money

This goes on without saying that the involvement of money only makes the game to look shady since there is a term “gambling” which is associated with the poker. Therefore, this gives it an image of risking the money that in olden times was done only by the alcoholics and the people who do not care about their families. Such people risk their money in the form of gambling. Therefore, it gave poker online game a bad name and given it an association with the drunkards and the bad elements.

  1. The movies depiction of poker online

We’ve always seen in movies that the people who play poker are either gangsters or thugs. Moreover, we’ve also seen fighting scenes to be shot in the poker online game casino. This gives a sense of rumour that the poker place is a place for the criminals and shady people. Hence, they further make the image of poker a bad thing for the society and the general public. Hence, you now know the reason of the bad image of poker.


So that is how the poker online got involvement with a bad name. Therefore, understand that it is not a bad thing and is a good thing to earn some good amount of money. Hence, play it and get a chance to earn a huge amount of money. Hence, rest is all; up to you if you want to consider it as a good thing or a bad thing.

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