Getting Your Girl to Play Games With You

Other people that I game with are constantly making comments about how they wish their girl would game with them or that their girl hates them playing video games or would never play with them. I think more girls would play with their guys or at least give it a chance if the situations were right.


If you want to get your girl to play games with you, the first step is to determine why. Do you want to be able to spend time together or share something that’s important to you with someone who’s important to you? Are you just hoping she’ll like it too so she’ll get off your back for playing your favorite game too much?

The reason why you want your girl to play video games with you will make a big impression on how well it goes. The next step is to find a game you can both enjoy playing together. Sometimes guys say they want their girl to play but they really mean only their favorite game that they play hardcore.

If this is an online or multiplayer game, this can be even more intimidating because you will already have experience in the game and a following or group of friends and your girl will be, well… the noob. Instead, you might try playing a new game together or playing the game just with her until she gets used to things.

You might also try letting your girl pick and game and then taking the time to play it with her. Even if it’s not the type of game you would normally play, this is about spending time together and you might discover you like it after all.

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